U.S. Referrals Membership Agreement

U.S. Referrals agrees to:

Picture of sign that says "Refer a Friend" for The U.S. Referrals Membership Agreement
We help develop great relationships, so your U.S. Referrals Membership means you can refer a friend.
  • Grow, organize, and facilitate each group.
  • Provide website exposure.
  • Provide business networking meetings.
  • Keep membership exclusive to each business profession in group.

Member/Partner agrees to:

  • Attend nine of eleven meetings per year. Meetings are monthly, excluding December.  Partners may send someone to represent them.
  • Refer any business generated from the network (directly or indirectly), to other members of u.s. referrals members.  This includes referrals to, or from other u.s. referral groups.
  • Conduct business honestly, and with the highest ethical standards. Providing quality products and/or service to the consumer. Always remembering that the integrity of the entire network is only as good as its members, and their business conduct, product, service, fair pricing, and handling of consumer complaints.

If you have questions about the U.S. Referrals Membership Agreement, or to learn more about becoming a member/Partner of u.s. referrals, check out some commonly asked questions, or contact us today.