About u.s. referrals Referral Marketing Network

Picture of Road Sign that says, Referral Marketing straight ahead to illustrate page about u.s. referrals fosters business growth via referral marketing
u.s. referrals fosters business growth via referral marketing

u.s. referrals is a network of like-minded individuals who help and support each other in building their businesses through referral marketing.

Our ‘members’ are referred to as Partners.

We provide a casual yet organized networking environment so small business owners and managers can get to “know, like, and trust” one another.  Once relationships have formed, Partners then pass contacts and referrals to one another to help them grow their businesses.   Qualified leads are just one of the many reasons to be part of us referrals.

u.s. referrals Network

The network consists of local groups.

Only one person per business category is allowed in each group.  This business-category-exclusivity ensures that Partners can develop and maintain a loyalty towards each other.

Each group meets once a month.  Times are typically from 8am to 9am or from noon to 1pm.  Each group meets the same day of each month.  For example, first Tuesday or second Thursday, etc.

u.s. referrals Network Directors

A Network Director organizes the meetings to ensure they run smoothly and that all Partners’ interests are met.  Directors help Partners “pair-up” outside the meeting.  Directors also facilitate social events.

Meetings have a relaxed atmosphere. Each meeting has an agenda that is flexible to accommodate the needs and interests of group Partners.

u.s. referrals Bottom Line

Our Partners only have to get to know each other to make money.

We have a few simple rules.

There are no committees, no weekly meetings with homework, and no forced referrals!

You will get out of the u.s. referrals network what you put into it.

If you have questions about u.s. referrals, check out our FAQ section or contact us directly.  With u.s. referrals, you can get connected, get informed, and get results.